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A Soul Filled with Heavenly Fire

Last week I read A Short History of the Baptists by H. C. Vedder. In the book he told of a pioneer Baptist preacher who came into the wilderness of East Texas down around Nacogdoches before this land was ever settled country. Here is what that pioneer said about his life: “Every day I travel, I have to swim through creeks or swamps, and I am wet from head to feet. Some days from morning till night, I am dripping wet. I have rheumatism in all of my joints, and I’ve suffered in body and mind in a way that my pen is not able to communicate to you. But this I say, that while my body is wet with water and chilled with cold, my soul is filled with heavenly fire.”

We may never be wet, weary, or weak in the service of God, but may it be said that our souls are filled with heavenly fire. That’s the only way we are going to win our world and do what we are placed here to do. Stir up the gift of God that is in you.

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