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Grasshopper Faith

Numbers 13:30-33

Sometime ago I read that the East Germans had abandoned it efforts to man with armed guards the towers that were along the border between East Germany and West Germany. The border was 850 miles long. The East Germans, the communists, had erected more than 700 watchtowers to keep the enemy out and to keep their own people in....

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If the Lord Delights in Us

Numbers 14:8

The background of this passage is that great event of the children of Israel moving into the Promised Land. God came to Moses and told him to appoint men to go and spy out the land that he would give to them. The question might come to your mind, “If God is going to give it to them, why then should they go and spy it ou...

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We Are Going On

Numbers 14:23-24

Would you open your Bibles to the book of Numbers 14:24, and then in a moment we will look at just one line out of verse 24, chapter 14.  This past week newspapers all over the land carried the news that Henry Ford II had died. You know that he was the grandson of the man who founded the Ford Motor Company. He was hailed...

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Today's Devotional

On Faith and Works

One of the common denominators of all world religions except Christianity is that they do not correlate faith and works. In Christianity there is the closest correlation between them. In fact the Bible says, “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also” (James 2:26).

The Bible is clear: a workless faith is worthless faith. 

Faith and works must be balanced in true religion. Faith in God and commitment to Jesus Christ are foundational. No man becomes a Christian merely by being good. Faith is the soil from which good works must grow. Real Christian faith always brings forth the fruit of good works. The true follower of Christ first believes, then he serves. As Dr. Perry Webb, former pastor of the First Baptist Church of San Antonio, once said, “A religion that does not look out and reach out and help out is washed out.”

Let us then put our faith into action and thus prove to all the world that it is not dead. 

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