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The Way of Joy

Psalm 16:11

Our world rocks from a pleasure explosion! According to a leading news magazine, Americans will spend an estimated $913 billion dollars on movies, music, and sports this year. This preoccupation with pleasure takes on many different forms. Seventy-five million campers spend more than eight billion dollars on camping vehicles...

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Oh, What a Relief It Is

Psalm 32:1-11

“Oh, what a relief it is!” says the TV commercial. The psalmist says the same thing. The commercial is talking about a digestive disorder. The psalmist is talking about the forgiveness of sins.

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The Lessons of Death

Psalm 39:4-7

Robert M. Herhold, in his book Learning to Die, Learning to Live, said, “Death is the final separation of all that we have worked for and built up and hold near and dear. It is too bad that dying is the last thing we do.  Death could teach us so much about living.” There are lessons to be learne...

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Overcoming Depression

Psalm 42:1-10

I read in Reader’s Digest a couple of weeks ago a little quip about Christmas. It said, “Santa Claus was a jolly old gent who goes around saying ‘Ho, Ho, Ho.’ But who wouldn’t say ho, ho, ho, if you only worked one day out of the year.”

While Santa Claus goes arou...

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Live Forgiven

Psalm 51:1-15

When Edward R. Murrow was appointed as director of the United States Information Agency by President John F. Kennedy, he was interviewed by a Senate committee. Among other things, they wanted to know what he would do to counteract communist propaganda against America. He replied, “I believe that we ought to report all t...

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The Impact of Influence

Psalm 69:6

A song popular some years ago started out talked about "Me and My Shadow" taking a stroll down the avenue. This points to an undeniable fact: no man can escape his shadow. A truth of far deeper significance that applies to all men but particularly to Christians is that each of us casts a shadow of influence on other lives, ei...

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Today's Devotional

Proving God

Former Australian Prime Minister John Anderson said, “Doubt is a good place to start, but an awful place to stop.” Doubt can be the threshold to new truth or it can be the pitfall to despair. To our skeptical, doubting age God issues a challenge in Malachi 3: “Prove me...”

We can prove that God is. We can’t do this by scientific means for God cannot be crammed into a test tube or worked out by a mathematical equation. But we can know him by experience. We need not be surprised that we cannot see God. Blasts of wind set all things moving, swinging, and shaking, and the eyes do not see the blast of wind. Yet we need not see it to feel its coolness in our face. So people need not see God to feel his breath on their lives. Who has never felt God’s nearness? It has been the experience of all people everywhere to feel God’s presence.

When Horace Bushnell was young and unbelieving he wanted to find God if he existed. “I prayed to the dim God, confessing the dimness for honesty’s sake,” he wrote. Then he said he arose from his knees saying, “A being so profoundly felt must inevitably be.”

We can also prove that God cares. It is not enough to just believe that God “exists” as we may believe that the Statue of Liberty "exists" in New York City. We need to believe in a God who lives and loves and reaches out to us. But how can we be sure that God is alive and loving? We can perform a spiritual experiment just like an experiment in physics or chemistry. We hear that if we mix two ingredients, a certain result will happen. So we try it for ourselves and see if it is true. The experiment of faith is just as simple. Mix the promises of God with your own fulfillment of the conditions and see what happens. You will thus discover in the laboratory of your own life that God is alive and that he loves you.

We can also prove that God is able. He has abundant resources. Oftentimes our lives are shriveled and poverty stricken because we do not trust him. But he “is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20).

German philosopher Goethe reminds us, “Doubt of any sort cannot be removed except by action.” Do you doubt that God is or that he loves or that he is able? Prove him. He invites you to do so.

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