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Discipline Is an Act of Love

Discipline is an act of love. It gives a child the security of knowing that you care about him. It teaches him respect for authority and it develops self-control. The value of discipline is beyond dispute. But what is the proper form of discipline? Here are five do’s of discipline.

1. Be firm and consistent. Do not let discipline depend on your feelings.

2. Be reasonable. The purpose of discipline should be to correct a child, not to punish him. Therefore it should be tempered with mercy. It should fit the crime.

3. Be united. Parents should agree on standards on conduct and discipline. When they don’t agree they should settle their differences in privacy and present a united front before their children. Both parents should share in the discipline. 

4. Be complimentary. Discipline is a two-edged sword. It should consist of praise when a child is good as well as scolding when he is bad. Rewards are good but bribes are not. Usually a word of praise is reward enough.

5. Be exemplary. Set an example before your children. They need this more than anything else. It is impossible for training in the home to rise above the character of the parents. No parent can teach more character than they possess.

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