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God Bless Us with a Rebirth of Moral Courage—Part 1

One of the joys of today is that there is so much good fighting going on. By a good fight I mean an honest struggle between ideas and convictions. Yet there are so few who will fight. We are afflicted with moral laryngitis. We are like the lad who was asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” He replied, “Alive.” That is what we want most. So we play it safe. We have become soft and flabby—physically, morally, and spiritually. We are concerned principally with comfort, ease, and safety. We are afraid to stand up lest we incur the wrath of someone.

I want to emphasize the value of those who resist change.

Historian Will Durant pointed this out by reminding us that out of every 100 new ideas that are advocated, approximately 99% of them aren’t worth anything. In this day the one who is neutral stands for nothing. We need people who stand for honesty, justice, and purity. 

See Part 2 of this devotional.

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Today's Devotional

Major on the Basics

Knute Rockne was one of the greatest football coaches ever. In his 13 years at Notre Dame, his teams won 105 games, lost 12, and tied 5. He never had a secret practice. In fact, he sometimes put up a sign for visitors that said, “Secret practice. Come and bring your notebooks.”

On one occasion when an Army scout missed a train connection and didn’t get to the Notre Dame game he was to cover, Rockne obligingly sent him the plays he planned to use against the West Point men. He explained his actions by saying, “It isn’t the play that wins; it’s the execution.”

All great coaches agree: champions are made by majoring on the fundamentals – blocking and tackling. They execute well. Teams seldom win by trick plays or gimmicks.  

The same is true of life. Tricks and gimmicks will seldom get you to the top in any endeavor and can never keep you there. Major on the basics in all of life – work hard, honor God, be honest, kind and helpful to others, and go to church regularly.

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