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Having a Good Self-Image

A good self-image is important if we are ever going to be successful. This is just as true in God’s work as it is in any other area of life. When God called Moses to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt, Moses tried to excuse himself by saying, “Who am I, that I should go unto the Pharaoh?” (Exodus 3:11)

Mark that question “Who am I?” There is something more than humility behind it. It expresses a profound sense of inadequacy. There is a tone of self-deprecation in it. Moses looks at himself and sees nothing competent to do that great work. He says in effect, “God, you’ve got to be kidding. I’m a nobody. I could never do that.” If we ever get to feeling that way about ourselves, we like Moses will settle down to mediocrity in Midian instead of doing the great thing that God has for us to do.

Sometimes we let other people convince us that we are a nobody. I have a friend whose college roommate’s first date was with Billy Graham. When she came home from her date that night her father said to her, “Honey, I don’t want you to have anything else to do with that Graham boy. He is never going to amount to anything.” Suppose Billy Graham had heard that and believed it? He might have been content to stay on the farm in North Carolina. But instead he answered the call of God and became one of the greatest preachers of all times.

Self-deprecation, a lack of self-esteem, is inconsistent with true faith in God. God has created us, redeemed us, filled us with his Holy Spirit, and called us to do his great work. If God thinks that much of us, we have no right to deprecate ourselves or to doubt him. We need to commit ourselves to God and walk with him and let him make us into what we ought to be.

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Today's Devotional

Applied Christianity

I once talked with a man who was convinced that Christianity was a failure. His conclusion was based on the fact that while our cities are full of churches and preachers, our world is getting worse and worse.

If you think about this criticism, you must agree that there is much religion in America that has little effect on the daily lives of people. While the number of church members may grow each year, so does lawlessness and immorality. But does this mean that Christianity is a failure? No. At the close of World War I a soap manufacturer, walking down the street with his pastor, was bemoaning the “failure” of Christianity. He said to his pastor, “After 19 centuries of preaching and teaching Christ, there is still so much evil in the world. I don’t see how you can go on preaching the Gospel.” 

“I don’t see how you can go on manufacturing soap,” retorted the pastor. “Look at the little urchin playing in the gutter. Neck and ears filthy. There’s still so much dirt in the world. Soap is such a failure.”

“But,” countered the soap manufacturer, “If people will just apply the soap, they’ll be clean.”

“Yes,” concluded the pastor, “and if men will but apply Christ to their daily living, they will also be clean.” 

The evil of today’s world is not due to Christianity’s failure, but to our failure to apply our Christianity. As writer G.K. Chesterton said, "Christianity has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult and not tried."

Attend church Sunday, listen to God’s word, then apply it to your daily life and you and the world will both be better because of it.

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