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Helping Each Other Stay on the Right Track

In his book Life’s Sentence, Chuck Colson says this: “We humans obviously have a problem of maintaining a steady level of spiritual fidelity. One solution is the continual checking and encouragement of a Christian friend.” He came to that conclusion when he was going to his first television interview concerning his book Born Again. He began to realize how arrogant he could become, so he went to a Christian friend and said, “I want you to check on me. Listen to what I have to say. I want you to criticize me and help keep me on track.”

I’m here to say that as a Christian, you too are going to have trouble maintaining a steady spiritual life. You need the checking and the encouragement of a brother or sister in Christ. Why don’t you find somebody and say to that person, “I want you to help me stay on track for Christ. When I get off base, feel free to call my attention to it. And when you get off base I’ll call your attention to it. Together we’ll help keep each other on track for Christ.”

That’s one way we can keep our lives clean. That’s one way we can purge ourselves. If we will go to the blood of Christ, to the word of God, and to the discipline of a Christian fellowship, then our lives can stay clean.

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