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Hope in Christ

In 1909 Pierre Curie, a man who along with his wife discovered radium, was run over by a wagon and killed instantly. The loss of her husband was a devastating experience to Madam Curie emotionally. Thereafter for months, she wrote personal notes to him daily in her diary. In one of those notes, she described the funeral service and how they gathered by the graveside and how she kissed his cheek and said good-bye. They tried to usher the family away, but they didn’t want to leave until they had covered the grave with dirt and the dirt with flowers. She wrote of that experience, “Pierre is sleeping his last sleep beneath the earth; it is the end of everything, everything, everything.”

There are people who come to the final hour of life and they say it is the end of everything. The hymn writer William Cushing expressed something of the despair when he wrote, “Oh, to have no Christ, no Savior. How lonely life must be, like a sailor lost and driven on a wide and shoreless sea. Oh to have no Christ, no Savior, no hand to clasp thine own! Through the dark, dark vale of shadows, thou must press thy way alone.” In contrast to that despair, the apostle Paul could say, “Why, to live, that is wonderful. To suffer, that is okay. But to depart and be with him, that’s better. That’s a step up. That’s an advantage.” Paul stood on the brink of death unafraid, for he had found meaning in life.

Dag Hammarskjöld, who was for many years the Secretary General of the United Nations before he died in a plane crash, was a dedicated Christian. But in the years before he became a Christian, he described the despair, the meaninglessness, and the futility of his life. In his diary entitled Markings, he makes an interesting statement about his life and the meaning he had found. He said, “Before Christ there is nothing. After Christ, there is nothing, but in Christ there is everything.” He had found in Christ a commitment that made him want to live, content to suffer, and unafraid to die. You can find those same things in Jesus and in total commitment to him.

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Today's Devotional

Doubt Is a Big Disorder of Soul

Among all the disorders of the soul, none brings more distress than doubt. It can be a source of misery and discomfort, fill your life with anxieties and fears, and rob you of peace.

There are two kinds of religious doubt. One is sincere doubt; the other is insincere doubt. Some doubt is a cover-up for sin. Many people look on doubt as a badge of learning, and so they display skepticism in an effort to impress others that they are intellectual. Such doubt is but a cover for intellectual pride. All such pride is sin.

Sometimes doubt is a cover up for immorality. During World War II a serviceman on his way overseas called for an appointment with his minister. The young man immediately began to express his doubts about the Gospel as he sat before the minister. The pastor replied, “I’m not interested in your doubts, young man. Tell me about your sins.”

The soldier was startled and sat silently. “Do you have a picture of your family?” the preacher asked.

As the young man showed the minister pictures of his family, he began to sob. He confessed that he had sinned against his family and against God. When doubt is due to sin, there is but one solution—confess and forsake your sin. Then the doubt will be removed.

But some doubt is genuine and sincere. In such cases the person with the doubts should honestly seek the facts about Christianity. While governor of the territory of New Mexico, Lew Wallace set out to write a book to disprove Christ and show him up as a myth. To do this he had to read the gospels that recorded the life of Christ. It was also necessary for him to read the prophets that prophesied the coming of the Christ. In his serious study he met Christ face to face, was convinced of his sin, and was converted. Instead of writing a criticism of Jesus, he wrote the great religious novel Ben-Hur.

When doubts faced the facts, they fled. Do you face doubts and uncertainties about the Christian faith? Begin to study the Bible seriously, spend some time in prayer, and go to church this Sunday. Gradually faith will replace your doubts.

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