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Keeping Confidences

There is no greater blessing than to have a true and loyal friend, one in whom we can confide in times of trouble. There is no greater tragedy than to have a friend betray the confidence that you have put in him. The Bible warns: “Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a broken tooth” (Proverbs 25:19).

We should all strive to be a loyal and true friend and never betray the confidence that others put in us. There are times when we all need to tell our troubles to a sympathetic listener. We are very much like steam kettles. When the pressures of life begin to boil within us, we must either “let off steam” or explode. In such times of trouble people sometimes turn to their family doctor or their lawyer or their pastor. Most often they turn to a trusted friend. In such times they lay bare their souls and reveal their innermost secrets. If we do not keep these in confidence then we greatly injure our friend. 

There is not a more despicable person than a traitor. A friend who betrays the confidence put in him is a traitor. We should remember that someone who talks to us about others will also talk to others about us. If we trust such people, we are asking for trouble.

Jesus is a friend you can trust. You can share your innermost troubles with him in confidence. He will listen sympathetically and will never fail you. 

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