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Loneliness and Christmas

Loneliness is one of the most common and most devastating emotions of life. Loneliness is being the new kid at school and nobody knows your name. It’s moving to a new town and leaving all your friends behind. It’s your parents going through a divorce and you don’t know which one you’re going to live with. It’s coming home to an empty house after burying your nearest and dearest. It’s driving away after leaving your child at college for the first time. It’s being retired and feeling that no one needs you anymore. It’s being alone at Christmas.

It’s an empty chair at the table, an empty pillow in your bed at night, and an empty spot in your heart.

Our greatest loneliness is for God. That’s one of the reasons why he came to Bethlehem . . . and to Calvary. He is the answer to much of our loneliness. We have a hole in our soul and only Jesus can fill it. Come to him and he will help you with your loneliness.

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