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New Year’s Resolutions

With the New Year coming up, most everybody is getting in on the act of making a few New Year’s resolutions of their own. Here are some of my own sideline suggestions for New Year’s resolutions. Be it resolved:

To Get More Out of Church:

  1. That you won’t try to call playing golf on Sunday your “church time” any more than you would call your “worship” on Sunday golf time. 
  2. That you realize the church is not here to approve your attitudes, but to improve them. Thus you will let the sermon judge you instead of you judging it. 
  3. That you live on Monday the words you endorse on Sunday. 
  4. That you remember the value of prayer is not measured by its length but by its depth.

To Enjoy Life More:

  1. That you will put more back into life than you take out.
  2. That you avoid condemning another person’s actions or views unless you know more about them than he does himself.
  3. That you stand for something lest you fall for anything, knowing that the man who stands neutral stands for nothing. 
  4. That you remember that to find life you must lose it in some great cause.

To Have a Happier Home:

  1. That in family differences you will stand like a rock in matters of principle and swim with the current in matters of taste.
  2. That in dealing with your children you will learn when to overlook and when to oversee.
  3. That with your children you will work to build character and not characters.
  4. That you will avoid nagging, remembering that many people have made their marital graves by a series of little digs.
  5. That you will pray with your family with assurance that the family that prays together stays together.
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