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Raising Peanuts or Mining Gold

Years ago, a local newspaper carried an article entitled, “West Texas Gold Discovery Richest in Years.” It pointed out that gold flakes had been found in 18 sandy West Texas acres that its owners had previously been using to raise peanuts.  

When random samples were sent to the Colorado School of Mines, assay reports concluded it was one of the richest finds in modern times. Think of it, they were raising peanuts in a gold field! I love peanuts, any way they come. But if the choice is between raising peanuts and mining gold, I’ll take the gold every time.

Some people do that with their lives. Jonathan Swift wrote, “Although men are accused of not knowing their own weaknesses, yet perhaps few know their own strength. It is in men as in soils, where sometimes there is a vein of gold which the owner knows not of.” In other words, no matter who you are or what you’ve done, there is a vein of gold in you. The Lord always looks for the gold in you and not the dirt. Give your life to Jesus, and he can refine it into something wonderful and beautiful.

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Today's Devotional

The Trustworthiness of Christ

Some startling claims have been made for Jesus Christ. He is acclaimed as the Son of God and the universal Savior of all men. But how do we know that these claims are true and not fairytales or nursery rhymes? How can we be sure Jesus is trustworthy? There are at least three reasons:

1. His universal appeal and magnetism. Jesus is the most fascinating person who ever lived. He has had a unique appeal to people of all classes, cultures, and ages. By common consent, the character of Jesus surpasses that found in any other person. No other character has caught and held the attention of people like he has. Such an unusual and magnetic appeal merits an unusual explanation. The claims must be true.

2. His effects on history. He has energized history as no other person. The test of pragmatism says of the Christian faith: “It works.” Wherever his message has gone, great changes have occurred. Marriages have become more sacred, women have been elevated, education has been stressed, children have been loved more, slaves have been freed, and hospitals have been built. There is more than a chance that reality is behind any person who can hold such positive qualities or religious character that bless our world.

3. Reliable historical records. What we have in the New Testament is a reliable historical witness on par with other historical events. The apostle Paul, who wrote so much about Christ, was an outstanding intellect and intensely educated. His mind could not have been easily captured by hallucination.

The combined evidence is weighty indeed. Jesus is trustworthy. You can believe in him.

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