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Satan at Work

The Christian life is a fight, a struggle, a warfare. And our opponent is Satan. He is the adversary of God’s people. While he has succeeded in making some people question his existence, he is definitely alive and well on planet Earth today.

As Christians we are not to be ignorant of his techniques lest he should get the advantage of us (2 Corinthians 2:11). Satan has used four tactics since the beginning of time that we need to be aware of.

  1. He attempts to get us to doubt the word of God so we’ll disobey the will of God. This was his approach to Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:1-6). He caused them to question the integrity and intentions of God and thus led them to disobey him. All disobedience is sin. Be careful when you first begin to doubt God. It should be a warning signal that Satan is near. If he can get you to doubt God, he will soon have you disobeying God.
  2. He troubles us to discourage us. This was his approach with Job. Job was a godly man, but Satan destroyed his wealth, his family, and his health. He was so miserable that his wife suggested that he “curse God and die.” Job’s troubles were not from God but from the devil. They came not because he was bad but because he was good. They came from Satan to discourage him and get him to turn away from God. Satan still uses that tactic today.
  3. He shakes us to separate us from Christ. This is what he did with Peter (Luke 22:31-32). Through doubts, disappointments, discouragements, and our own desires, he tries to draw us away from following Christ and get us to deny him.
  4. He tries to hinder us so that we will fail God. This is what he did to the apostle Paul (1 Thessalonians 2:2). Paul had good intentions about doing the work of God. But Satan threw up a roadblock to keep him from doing it. Every time we have good intentions concerning church attendance, a daily devotional life, or giving our lives to Christ, we can expect Satan to bring something up to cause us to stumble and fall. He will not allow us to carry out our good intentions without some obstacles.

Our only hope to stand against Satan is to be constantly aware of his presence and stay in close fellowship with Christ (1 Peter 5:8). Do this and you can win the battle over Satan and live victoriously.

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