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Strength for Temptation

To live life is to wrestle with temptation. There is no way for us to live our lives free from it. If there were a possibility of that, then Jesus, the Son of God, would have been able to live without temptation. But the Bible says that “he was at all points tempted like as we are” (Hebrews 4:15).

We can do nothing to prevent temptation from coming our way. That is out of our hands. We cannot live our lives in a vacuum. God does not will that we go off to a monastery and live in seclusion.

While we can do nothing about the outer pressures of temptation, we can do something about the inner braces of character. We can feed our souls on the word of God and thus grow strong spiritually.

Finally and ultimately, the secret to resisting temptation is to have inner strength. As our convictions grow stronger, our ability to say no will become easier. There is a direct relationship between inner strength and our feeding upon the word of God. If you want strength to overcome temptation, don’t neglect the Bible.

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Today's Devotional


Edwin Markham, the poet, reached the age of retirement only to discover that the banker who was managing his money had defrauded him. He was so obsessed by anger and bitterness that he could no longer write poetry. While sitting at his desk and doodling one day the Holy Spirit convicted him that he must deal with his anger or it would destroy him. He decided then and there that he would forgive the man for the wrong he had done. Almost immediately there came to his mind one of his most famous poems entitled “Outwitted." You ought to read it for yourself. Don’t be “outwitted” by anger or bitterness. You must conquer it or it will conquer you. Master it or it will master you. Jesus can and will help.

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