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Strength for Temptation

To live life is to wrestle with temptation. There is no way for us to live our lives free from it. If there were a possibility of that, then Jesus, the Son of God, would have been able to live without temptation. But the Bible says that “he was at all points tempted like as we are” (Hebrews 4:15).

We can do nothing to prevent temptation from coming our way. That is out of our hands. We cannot live our lives in a vacuum. God does not will that we go off to a monastery and live in seclusion.

While we can do nothing about the outer pressures of temptation, we can do something about the inner braces of character. We can feed our souls on the word of God and thus grow strong spiritually.

Finally and ultimately, the secret to resisting temptation is to have inner strength. As our convictions grow stronger, our ability to say no will become easier. There is a direct relationship between inner strength and our feeding upon the word of God. If you want strength to overcome temptation, don’t neglect the Bible.

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Today's Devotional

War and Peace

Peace is not the natural state of humanity. War is as old as civilization. This is a characteristic peculiar to human beings. Murder within the species on an individual or collective level is a phenomenon known only to us. The reason for this is the fact that people are sinners. The human heart is filled with greed, hate, jealousy, and self-interest.

I believe that many of those who protest and demonstrate against war have not sufficiently considered this fact. They believe that you can solve anything by goodwill and reason. But to believe that you can solve anything by goodwill and right reason and to believe that humanity has come of age is absolute errant nonsense. Humanity is morally and spiritually as it has always been. 

Have you ever seen a graph plotting the moral progress of humanity? No. The reason is that there is none. Humanity has progressed intellectually and scientifically but not morally. As long as a person is as he is, there can be no hope for permanent peace. 

War is a monstrous evil, but it is inevitable as long as humanity remains as it is. The hope for peace does not lie in goodwill or in right reason. It lies in a transformed human nature. Jesus Christ alone can change people in this way. “If a man be in Christ he is a new creation,” the Bible says. Let people give their highest loyalty and deepest allegiance to Jesus Christ, and the world will be a bit nearer to peace.

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