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Is Your Tongue Converted?

A survey conducted several years ago revealed that the average person speaks about 18,000 words a day—enough to fill 54 pages of a book. In a year’s time this would be enough words to fill 66 books 600 pages long! Since speech is such a vital part of our lives you might assume that God is concerned about its proper use. He most certainly is! Christianity...

When Trouble Comes

Troubles take many forms in our lives. Sometimes they take the form of illness or death. Sometimes they take the form of financial losses or disappointments. Whatever their form, troubles do come and it's our attitude toward them that is most important. Trouble can make us bitter or better, depending on our attitude. How are we to react to problems? I offer thre...

Guilty as Charged

A defendant came forward in the middle of his trial to plead guilty. “Why didn’t you plead guilty at first and save us all a lot of time?” asked the judge. “I thought I was innocent,” replied the defendant, “but that was before I heard the evidence against me.” If any one of us could hear all of God’s evidence against u...

Classes of Sin

There are only two real differences in men—either the degree of their sin or the class of their sin. Charlotte Reese, who served six years on the U.S. Board of Parole, said, “I believe from the bottom of my heart there is nothing any of us might not do if certain circumstances were different. The breaking point for each of us is different. We differ from...

We Need Mercy

We are like the lady who went to a photographer to have her picture made. When she viewed the proofs she expressed her displeasure to the photographer saying, “These pictures don’t do me justice.” The photographer replied, “Lady, you don’t need justice, you need mercy.” That’s the way it is with all of us. None of us wants to...

One Thing Different

I once talked with a young man who had fought a serious alcohol problem in his life for years. He had at one point almost ruined his own life and the lives of the members of his family. As we talked the thought struck me, “If you removed just one thing from that boy’s life—alcohol—his life would have been entirely different.” When I share...

Who Got the Better Deal?

In 1986 Desmond Tutu, an anti-apartheid and social rights activist and Anglican bishop, recounted the story of the whites coming to South Africa. “When they came,” the bishop said, “the blacks had the land and the whites had the Bible.” Then, he said, the whites wanted to teach the blacks to pray. “So we bowed our heads and closed our eye...

How to Cure Sin

In Shakespeare’s play MacBeth, MacBeth comes to the court physician on behalf of Lady McBeth, whose heart has been pierced by the dagger of guilt over past sins. He says to the court physician, “Cure her of that. Her guilt, her misery, her despair, and her wretchedness. Cure her of that. Surely you can wipe that out of her memory. Surely you can erase the...

God Makes Himself Known

I have a watch on my wrist and the beauty of this watch and the fact that it moves and works with accuracy and precision makes me know that somewhere there had to be a maker. So if you say to me, “That is a beautiful watch. Where did you get it? Where did it come from?” I wouldn’t say, “It didn’t come from anywhere. It just happened.&rdqu...

Today's Devotional

Make the Dream Work

John Wooten, the great UCLA basketball coach who won 10 National Championships in 11 years said, “No team ever won the National Championship with the nation’s leading scorer on the team.” Then he added, “It takes teamwork to make the dream work.”

This principle is just as true in marriage, in business, and in the Christian life as it is in sports. They can never be a one-man show. It takes teamwork to make the dream work.

It is especially true in the Christian life. So, we are urged in scripture to not neglect meeting regularly together with the people of God. It is a simple fact that you need the encouragement and inspiration you get in church, and the church needs you. And we all need Jesus. Evangelist John Wesley said it best, “There is no such thing as solitary Christianity.” We all need one another.

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