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Tell Children What God Is Like

A little girl came to her mother one day and said, “Mother, what is God like?” The mother was cooking in the kitchen and didn’t have time to talk to her, so she said, “Ask your father.” The girl went to her father, “Father, what is God like?” And he answered gruffly from behind the paper, not wanting to be disturbed, “Ask your mother.” It wasn’t long until there was an empty chair at their table. The little girl had died from a sudden illness. When they looked through her belongings, they found a notebook and it said this: “If I had lived as long as my mother and father, I would know what God is like.” Teach your children what God is like. He is a loving, heavenly Father, but he expects certain things out of us. We are to respond to him in faith and trust, and salvation always begins with that kind of awareness.

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