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The Carpentry Marriage

Someone has said, “Marriage is like twirling a baton, turning handsprings, or eating with chopsticks. It looks easy until you try it.” Marriage is one of the most difficult of all relationships.

There is no magic formula for happiness in marriage. In marriage two people with different backgrounds, tastes, values, and habits suddenly begin to live together as husband and wife. Every one of these differences is a potential battleground. The only way these people can live together in happiness is to adjust to one another.

At best we simply bring the raw materials of a marriage into a relationship. Then like a contractor we must build the marriage into what we want it to be. Adjustment is to marriage what sawing is to carpentry. Can you imagine a carpenter building a house without ever sawing a board off? The house would look absolutely terrible. He must keep sawing boards to make them all fit together if the building is to be attractive.

In exactly the same way there must be a lot of adjusting, giving, and taking if we are building a beautiful marriage. This takes time. In the Old Testament a young man was not liable to civil service nor the military draft for one year after he married so that he might stay at home and “cheer up his wife” (Deuteronomy 24:5). The Bible recognizes that it takes time to get to know one another, time to accept one another, time to adjust to one another.

The couple that does not adjust is headed for disaster in marriage. They are destined to grow further apart instead of building a beautiful relationship. So, keep adjusting yourselves to one another if you want to have a happy marriage.

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