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Use It or Lose It

The famed Presbyterian preacher Clarence McCartney was once driving across Chicago with popular politician William Jennings Bryan. They passed the Chicago Coliseum where in 1896 Bryan won the nomination of the Democratic Party as their presidential candidate. He made a speech on that occasion in defense of the gold standard and closed it by saying, “You shall not crucify mankind upon crosses of gold.”

As they drove past the arena, McCartney said to him, “You must have made many speeches as great or greater than that one, and yet they have hardly been noticed.”  Bryan smiled and said, “Yes, I suppose you’re right. But that was my opportunity and I made the most of it." Then he added, "I suppose that is about all a man can do in this world . . . use or lose his opportunities.”

The Bible teaches us that we are responsible to God for using our opportunities to the utmost. I remind you what British soldier and diplomat Claude McDonald said about opportunity being a “bird that never perches.” You must catch it as it flies by. As Lyndon Johnson’s father taught him, “You must seize the moment.”

Don’t miss your next opportunity to go to church and serve the Lord. He expects it of us.


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Today's Devotional

Treasures in Heaven

Pat Neff, one-time governor of Texas and later president of Baylor University, once said, “All my life I’ve heard preachers tell me to lay up treasures in heaven, but none of them ever told me how to do it. I had to figure it out on my own.

“The only way to get our treasures into heaven is to put them in something that is going there. Cattle, land, houses, stocks and bonds, all have no life and are not going to heaven. Only men and women, boys and girls, are going there.”

If you want to lay up for yourself treasures in heaven, then you’ve got to invest in people. Give yourselves to feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, healing the sick, and caring for the needy in every way. Oh yes, and share the good news that Jesus saves. That way they can enjoy eternity with you. Where are you investing your treasure (your time and resources) today? 

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