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What Is Heaven Like?

“What is heaven like?” No words are adequate to describe it. The apostle Paul once had an experience where he was lifted into what the Bible calls the "third heaven." He was taken into the very presence of God... an experience so wonderful that he said he could not talk about it. Weak language could not bear the weight of what he had seen.

Though we can never fully explain what heaven is like, we must try. John in the book of Revelation describes it as a “new” kind of place. There will be no obituaries or cemeteries in heaven, for there will be no death there. There will be no broken hearts or sad good-byes in heaven, for there will be no sorrow or crying there. There will be no screaming sirens and no hospitals in heaven, for there will be no pain there. There will be no jails or locks in heaven, because all murderers and liars will be barred from it. It will be a new kind of place.

John also said that there will be “no more sea.” The sea represented separation to John. When he penned these words, he was in exile on the Isle of Patmos for preaching the Gospel. The sea separated him from the mainland and from the people he loved and with whom he had served for many years. When he thought of heaven, he thought of it as a place where there would be “no more sea" and no more barriers to separate him from his loved ones. Finally, John saw heaven “as a bride adorned for her husband.” A young lady is seldom more beautiful than on her wedding day. As she comes down the aisle to her groom, she is the personification of purity and beauty. Heaven is like that. It is the most beautiful place that the mind of God can conceive and the hand of God can create. 

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